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MegaMan Styled Yamcha V2 by legorulez49 MegaMan Styled Yamcha V2 :iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 28 7
Rock Sonic Chapter 34
(The screen fades to red as it zooms out of the Machine Gun Joe's eye, it pans to MegaMan as he lays on the ground)
Machine Gun Joe Purple: Your trump card has failed you this time, boy
(The camera points to the muzzle of the blaster, it starts to glow a bright yellow. MegaMan closes his eyes as he tries to ping in someone. Out of nowhere the boss gates open and a robot master similar to a Gohla Badnik walks out)
GohlaMan: No wonder you're taking so long, you're so weak that you're outmatched to a low-class soldier!
Machine Gun Joe Purple: Low class!? Excuse you!?
GohlaMan: Maybe if you defeat MegaMan, Wily will give you a raise and make you into an actual robot master..
Machine Gun Joe Purple: In that case, consider me promoted.
(The muzzle of the gun gets brighter as he is about to fire it in MegaMan's face, out of nowhere Rush in jet form flies over with the blue hedgehog riding on it like a hover board)
Sonic: K'yeah! You okay kid?
GohlaMan: It's that hedgehog that master wa
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 2 0
RockSonic Chapter 33
(The scene opens up with Dr. Light's laboratory as Knuckles sits on the table with an ice pack on both of his hands)
Roll: Come on, you have to give me a gun or something! I don't care if it's a plasma gun or a standard bullet one!
Dr. Light: I've told you before Roll, you were not built for this kind of thing!
Roll: Oh yeah, well MegaMan wasn't built for it either and look how he turned out!
Dr. Light: If we truly need more reinforcements, then we will get Auto.
Roll: AUTO!? Are you fricking nuts!? What kind of combat has HE ever done!?
Dr. Light: Well you see-
(She storms off and picks up a broken piece of machinery as a weapon)
Dr. Light: (Sigh) I don't know what to do now, my other housekeeper wants to become a fighter too...
Tails: Maybe she might go back to being the cleaning lady once this war is over perhaps?
Dr. Light: But who will do the work in the meantime??
Tails: I might know someone...
(Cutting back to Hill Top Zone, we see CutMan with Mega as they outrun the Joes while
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic Chapter 32
(CutMan is seen at the bottom of said Hill Top Zone when a few badniks show up)
CutMan: Hah! These must be Wily's new "lower class" minions!
(He slices a Spiker in half which the drill bit breaks through a stone, causing lava to start spilling out. He breaks for it as Rush catches him and rushes him up to higher ground)
CutMan: (While pinging MegaMan) Hey Rock, you should check this place out. It's full of lava! If you see a blue mountain in the clouds somewhere in Arkansas, that's where I am!
MegaMan: (While running through the sand) Right! I'll be there right away!
(He beams out in a blue flash of light while CutMan mows down Rexons. Meanwhile MegaMan lands about 50 miles away as he is confronted with Gohla enemies)
MegaMan: Looks like Wily's been amping up the difficulty!
(He slides under the flaming orbs surrounding the robot as he turns his armor pink, and a fairly small glob of oil fires straight out of the gun. It hits the flames and the Gohla explodes. CutMan notices the explos
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic Chapter 31
(It cuts to the 3 heroes facing off a rather sinister pink android in a rather intensive decision)
OctusMan: It looks like it's stalemate for you, heroes! Nothing you do can stop me without destroying yourselves!
MegaMan: (While thinking to himself) Darn it, that Wily's really starting to up his robot's A.I. this time!
OilMan: Is there anything we can do to compromise with you to make you stop!?
OctusMan: Well... there's one thing. If you turn yourselves in for Wily and have him repurpose you, then I will spare this oil rig.
FlameMan: No deal, I don't want anything to do with that man again!
OctusMan: Then it's settled, we'll die in this very facility!
(He takes out a small canister which will explode on impact, he starts to toss it in the air further and further)
MegaMan: (While pinging to Oil) I think I've got a plan, we catch the explosive and throw it somewhere as far away as possible!
OilMan: (While pinging back) But what if we can't get it in time!?
OctusMan: What's with the sile
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic chapter 30
(The next morning, MegaMan's ping skyrockets as he is picking them up from across the world)
MegaMan: Saudi Arabia? Arkansas? Ireland!? Those robots must have spread out all over! I'd better get Dr. Light!
(Cutting to the laboratory)
Dr. Light: Oh dear... looks like Wily's back to his old tricks again!
MegaMan: Yeah... those new robots must have been upgraded to beyond anything Wily's ever dealt with!
Dr. Light: Maybe a collaboration with this "Eggman" person Sonic has been talking about?
MegaMan: Whatever it is, it's not looking good!
(He transmissions out in a stream of blue light. Sonic halts into the room and nearly crashes into the wall)
Sonic: Woah! He left already? What's goin' on!? Those 'bots are at it again?
(While Light nods, Tails and Knuckles peek outside the doorway)
Tails: How're we gonna catch up with MegaMan? All my inventions were blown up by that red android... remember?
Knuckles: You've got a fair point, but we've got to find something!
(Dr. Light walks to them and
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic chapter 29
(Cutting back to the workshop in Wily's castle, we see a lead-lined door with a huge caution sign on it. Wily flips the switch on it and it opens to reveal the Master Emerald stolen from Angel Island)
Shadow: Hmph, I still say it wasn't worth stealing just so you could make a machine stronger.
Dr. Wily: Any more out of you and I'll tear up the blueprints for the Chaos Emerald-body armor I promised.
(He just crosses his arms and continues watching the doctor open the glass case)
MetalMan: What's so special about this big shiny rock? Is it the same as those other little diamonds that you're so obses-
Shadow: (While getting up in Metal's face) First off, they're emeralds. Second, it contains the power of all of the emeralds combined...!
MetalMan: So uh, what're we gonna use it for?
Dr. Wily: Those bad-masters were complete failures in regards of power... which is why I stole this gem in case we needed it! With it, it will increase their power levels far beyond anything I have ever
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic Chapter 28
Vector: How many miles do we have to go?
Bass: Depends, what state are we in?
Vector: I don't... know.
Bass: You mean to tell me you haven't been watching for the signs!? Does anyone have a GPS device!?
Espio: This van looks too old to have one installed.
Bass: You fools, what if we already passed it by now!?
Vector: Well sorry, I didn't know-
(The smoke coming from Belmont City is so high that it can be seen on the road from Louisiana)
Charmy: Hey look at that! There must've been an explosion!
Vector: Yeah... who knows, maybe Dr. Wily was behind it!
Bass: No need to worry about it, it'll waste our time trying to get to the fortress.
(Meanwhile, Dr. Light's basement resides the two electric based robots, ElecMan sits on the floor with a voltage meter attached to his forearms. ElecMan's eyes light up as the voltometer explodes)
PlugMan: Should be good to go, oh and one more thing...
ElecMan: Yes...?
PlugMan: Please try to not cause a power outage like last time!
ElecMan: You have my wor
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0
RockSonic chapter 27
(Upon arriving in the wrecked intersection, JewelMan to his surprise finds the damaged Bad-Masters on the ground)
JewelMan: (While tapping his helmet to ping) You're not going to believe this Rock, but it looks like someone already took care of them before I got here.
MegaMan: Must've been Bass, or maybe one of Sonic's friends!
JewelMan: These skid marks on the ground tell otherwise, whoever fought the robots must have had wheels on their feet.
(Sonic and his team walk back into the Light Labs office, hearing of the news)
Sonic: What's going on, doc?
Dr. Light: Not so much of what's "going" on, it's a matter of what went on.
(Sonic takes a look up at the screen, realizing that some of the Bad-Masters designs seem familiar)
Tails: Hey, those look like Eggman robots!
Knuckles: You're right, but they look more... humanoid.
TornadoMan: Looks like to me, is that this Eggman guy and Wily are making a collaboration, or one of them is stealing the other's designs.
SplashWoman: Prob' the
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 1 0
RockSonic chapter 26
Dr. Wily: First, your target is that orange traitor! No need to bring him back here, I've got the ideal replacement...
Shadow: Should I go too?
Dr. Wily: No, you'll stay here and watch as you'll learn what happens to those who turn rogue!
(In the back alley, TopMan and his gang are on their phones when the sound of a window being broken is heard)
Derek: What the...!?
TopMan: Probably some bank robber, don't really care.
(A strange crab looking robot approaches the alley, getting closer and closer. Upon realization, TopMan breaks the glass on the back door of an abandoned apartment complex as the 2 humans run in)
CrabmeatMan: TopMan; data match.
TopMan: What... is this thing? Why's it going after me- oh right, Wily bot.
CrabmeatMan: My mission won't be complete until you're eliminated from this planet!
TopMan: Yep, Wily's behind this. Oh well, I was getting pretty bored. Come on, crab meat!
(The large crab claws open to reveal there are small cannons inside, 2 small orbs that resemble r
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0
RockSonic chapter 25
(Cutting back to the facility, MegaMan meets a blonde haired woman steps out of the hallway and is handed the core chip)
Dr. Iven: Oh, you must be the blue savior!
MegaMan: Yeah, are you the inventor of this chip...?
Dr. Iven: Yes, where did you find it?
MegaMan: Uhm... can we go to your lab?
Dr. Iven: Oh sure! Follow me.
(Walking through the hall, Dr. Iven notices the worried expression on Rock's face. She slides an ID card through the door and they both enter)
MegaMan: You wouldn't be the inventor of... a robot named CentaurMan, would you?
Dr. Iven: Indeed, I was the lead designer. Why do you ask?
MegaMan: Well...
(She looks at the chip and realizes the serial number is in fact CentaurMan's model)
Dr. Iven: Oh... what happened to him...?
MegaMan: You don't remember?
Dr. Iven: All I know is that he went off to that tournament a few years back so he could fund his museum. It shut down a year after he left and I never saw him again...
MegaMan: He along with the other robots were capture
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0
RockSonic Chapter 24
(On the road, the Chaotix are at breakfast while Bass checks the tires at the gas station)
Bass: They're already flat? I mean, I did find this crappy thing in the baron fields sooo...
(He looks over to someone's car and wrenches the bolts out with his hands. He then swaps out the old tires for the new ones and by the time they get back in Bass is wiping the windows with stolen window cleaner)
Vector: Wow, these windows are so much better now! You must've used that expensive stuff.
Bass: (While smiling devilishly) I sure did...
Vector: So where'd you get these nice new tires at?
Bass: Oh... I had them in the bottom of the van, I picked them up when I saw the old ones went flat.
(They overhear a man with a red cap and a winter jacket yelling at them when they leave)
Charmy: What was that?
Bass: Oh nothing, probably just someone yelling at a cashier for how overly priced the window cleaner is.
Vector: It looks like someone's trying to chase after us!
Bass: They're trying to steal m
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0
Quicrash by legorulez49 Quicrash :iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 8 1 MegaMan styled Bardock by legorulez49 MegaMan styled Bardock :iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 19 0
RockSonic chapter 23
(In Wily's Castle, Magnet and ShadowMan are walking out of the Yellow Devil's storage chamber while Shadow opens the door for them)
Shadow: I'm curious, how does that blob work?
MagnetMan: It's body is made out of a ferrofuid-like gel while the eye is a giant magnet.
Shadow: Not even Eggman could think of something like that... but why are we sending it out to the city where it could destroy?
Dr. Wily: (While walking in the room with his hands in his pockets) Nonsense! The ferrofluid is completely harmless, it's just liquid! If it gets on something, there will be no residue thanks to magnets!
(In the city, The Yellow Devil is leaving trails of yellow-orange ish slime all over the streets. MegaMan and a few of the robot masters teleport to the scene while Sonic skids across the slime and falls on his face)
IceMan: Sonic, are you alright!? That looked slipperier than the arctic!
Sonic: (While muffled) I'll be fine, just get that yellow balloon freak...
MegaMan: Remember guys, always aim
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0
RockSonic chapter 22
(In Dr. Wily's castle, Shadow recovers on a bed while Plant is being interrigated by Snake and ShadowMan)
PlantMan: I swear I didn't take the emerald!
ShadowMan: You've said that about 4 different times already, we're going to get the truth out of you if it means to rip your petals off your helmet!
(Plant gets into a battle stance, Shadow drags out a giant Shadow Blade)
PlantMan: I'll fight you if I have to prove myself innocent!
ShadowMan: Please, we know who's going to win this fight. It's pointless to resist!
(Shadow jumps behind him and slams his neck)
Shadow: Plant is innocent.
SnakeMan: Sh-Shadow!?
Shadow: Plant has no involvement in this crime as I can tell, it was Bass who stole the emerald.
ShadowMan: Bass? Of course he would, Plant is too loyal for Wily to steal the emerald!
Shadow: I knew he was going to rebel in the beginning. That fool!
(In Wily's lab, the door slams open with the 4 members of the army with locked expressions)
ShadowMan: Wily, Plant is innoce
:iconlegorulez49:legorulez49 0 0


Gowasu by Kizashi-kun Gowasu :iconkizashi-kun:Kizashi-kun 3 2 Silver Sonic Mania by Jacob-turbo Silver Sonic Mania :iconjacob-turbo:Jacob-turbo 109 17 Vegito Z2 Inspired V.3 by xHienx Vegito Z2 Inspired V.3 :iconxhienx:xHienx 16 3 Machete Man by SnekWoman Machete Man :iconsnekwoman:SnekWoman 14 11 SML2 Fire and New Ice Designs (READ for facts) by KoopshiKingGeoshi SML2 Fire and New Ice Designs (READ for facts) :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:KoopshiKingGeoshi 38 21 Luigi and Waluigi's Balloon Fight! by KoopshiKingGeoshi Luigi and Waluigi's Balloon Fight! :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:KoopshiKingGeoshi 37 18 Zexion-teh-Wolf's Quickman by TheCartoonGuy13 Zexion-teh-Wolf's Quickman :iconthecartoonguy13:TheCartoonGuy13 17 4 Tyson Sonic by TechM8 Tyson Sonic :icontechm8:TechM8 57 5 Creeps from the Deep: Gadunka by Sparkytron Creeps from the Deep: Gadunka :iconsparkytron:Sparkytron 112 15 shibe icon [f2u] by kittnboys shibe icon [f2u] :iconkittnboys:kittnboys 1,748 105 Grid Man Doodle by SnowmanEX711 Grid Man Doodle :iconsnowmanex711:SnowmanEX711 24 6 Drossman Concept by CodyCobain Drossman Concept :iconcodycobain:CodyCobain 11 6 Launch Dragon Ball (request for Hunduel) by IrminZull Launch Dragon Ball (request for Hunduel) :iconirminzull:IrminZull 119 1 Quick Man - Captain N colors by Shini-Smurf Quick Man - Captain N colors :iconshini-smurf:Shini-Smurf 27 0 Metal Sonic by splendidland Metal Sonic :iconsplendidland:splendidland 83 7 SMM 4 Themes by Alex13Art SMM 4 Themes :iconalex13art:Alex13Art 33 11
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Questions from Time:

-What is your favorite food?
R: Tough question, anything that has to do with beef (burgers, steak, meatloaf)

-Do you know about Smg4?
R: Yes, I used to watch his videos but his newer ones seem to be a bit redundant.

-Which consoles were part of your childhood? Nes, Snes,Genesis or Master System?
R: The NES and Genesis because my siblings had them, I did play a bit of the Super Nintendo at my brother's house but I didn't learn about the SMS until I was 11 or so.

-Game that you never beat as kid?
R: The original Super Mario Bros. The reason why is because of that damn Lakitu at the beginning of 8-2

-Cartoons or anime?
R: Both really, they're the same thing.

-Best franchises in your opinion?
R: Kingdom Hearts, Mario even though the whole " 'New" Super Mario Bros " thing needs to get a new title, what's going to happen when it's the 20th anniversary of New Super Mario Bros DS? Not so new anymore guys uh, MegaMan even though that's been slacking lately.
-Do you have ocs? If yes which is that you most love?
R: I've made several OC's in my time but they're pretty crap by today's standards.

-Best day of your life?
R: Even if I had one I probably don't remember.

-Puppies or kitties?
R: Puppies, these to be exact…

-Like puzzle games?
R: Of course I do, there's nothing better than a mind game. Puzzle Link on the Pocket Color is overlooked by many people.


Questions from Bob:

-Favorite Robot Master?

-Favorite Boss battle music?
MM3's probably.
-What do you prefer: Mighty Number 9 or Azure Striker Gunvolt?
Haven't played either
-Have you already played any Megaman Zero game? If yes, what did you think?
Never played that either
-What your favorite Anime/Manga?
Dragon Ball/Z/Super
-Do you have any OCs?
Already answered that
-Have you thought about creating your own game?
Yeah but I have no knowledge of coding + can't afford any sort of high quality game making programs
-Have you played any MegaMan rom hacks?
A few. Some good, some weird, and some... just plain horrifying.
-Have a Steam account?
Yes I do, but I don't use it very often because a) I don't have much money that often and b) my computer won't run most modern games and I can't afford to upgrade (and I probably won't unless Windows 11 magically brings back the Windows XP UI)
-Are you looking forward to Megaman 11?


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Name: Christopher

Age: 20

Weight: Don't know

Height: 5"3' (Haha, laugh all you want, you fuckers.)

Sexual orientation: Straight


If you like my sprites, then you'll like these people as well!

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